Morgan Petrov is an SEO consultant and has already made a name for herself in the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing. Combining creative, organic search strategies with data analytics, Morgan and her team use SEO to deliver tangible results to an array of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, B2B & SaaS businesses, universities, and colleges.

She loves all things SEO - the art of content creation, the science of optimizing for search engines, and how to make websites rank higher. Morgan is fascinated by how search engines work and enjoy experimenting with new techniques to improve her clients' search engine visibility.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Morgan is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina, while leading her fully SEO remote team. Morgan leads by example; her marketing background is incredibly well-rounded, specializing in search engine optimization, content creation, website development/management, graphic design, market research, and media sales.

In addition to growing her SEO service, testing innovative strategies, and researching Google Patents, Morgan is passionate about sharing SEO knowledge and making learning and career growth accessible to all. Morgan has been a guest lecturer at Perdue University for four semesters. She has been featured on podcasts, such as Digital Marketing Victories and #DreadingSundays, and is looking forward to several upcoming opportunities as well.

Morgan is active on Twitter (@morgansearches), sharing real-time updates on her thoughts, current campaigns, and hot takes around SEO and content marketing.

More About Morgan's Work At Statwax

At Statwax, Morgan is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the SEO team and as well as SEO clients. Her client roster spans various industries, including B2B, SaaS, Finance, Government Agencies, and Higher Education.


Morgan jumped into her SEO journey in 2020 after spending several years as a content writer for Wpromote. From the moment she entered the field of SEO, she was hooked. Learning, researching, and testing methods and strategies became a lifestyle rather than a career. She quickly learned what made search engines 'tick' and websites 'flop.'

Statwax was initially established as a paid advertising agency and had only recently begun offering SEO as a simple service add-on when Morgan arrived. She was the only SEO at her agency.

After nine short months as an SEO specialist, she was then promoted to SEO Team Lead and tasked with the opportunity to begin building her department from scratch while still teaching herself more advanced SEO concepts. There was no prior team structure, processes, or even a mere template to work off; it was a blank slate.

Morgan knew an actionable plan for sustainable and scalable growth was needed for the service to be profitable. She tirelessly spent the next six months creating team maps, operational processes, client onboarding protocols, case studies, hiring campaigns, and more while still working with her established client accounts. The work was grueling, but she thrived. The future was bright.

In less than two years, Morgan progressed from a rookie SEO Specialist to a bonafide Director of SEO. Today, she has a team of four SEO experts, 11 full-time retainer-based accounts, 3 project-based clients, and $600,000 in annual agency revenue.

Though the heavy lifting is done (for now), Morgan is still continuously looking for ways to optimize her service, generate new leads for her agency, and bring the latest and greatest SEO innovations to her team and accounts.

To learn more about how Morgan rapidly advanced her SEO career and built her team, listen to episode 17 of Digital Marketing Victories with Katherine Watier Ong.


Morgan takes a unique approach to leading her team by encouraging self-discovery, using customized coaching techniques, and creating career roadmaps. Her philosophy is to create the best possible SEO professionals and experts in the industry rather than simply training another employee. She believes training her team in the often overlooked soft skills is just as critical as learning the hard skills to do the job.


More About Morgan

A proud graduate of the University of Mississippi's School of Journalism, Morgan majored in Integrated Marketing Communications, which has given her a well-rounded education in the world of marketing.

In her previous role as a content writer at Wpromote, she worked with e-commerce and hospitality clients to create engaging website copy that would convert users. She dove into target personas, branding, search engine content, and refining her art of writing-- her first true love.