SEO Consultant, Leader, and Educator

Meet Morgan

Morgan Petrov is an SEO consultant who focuses on data-driven strategies to meet clients' goals. Morgan has already made a name for herself in the SEO community in under five years. Combining creative, user-centric strategies with data analytics, Morgan uses SEO to deliver tangible results to an array of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, B2B & SaaS businesses, universities, and colleges.

She loves all things SEO - the art of content creation, the science of optimizing for search engines, and how to make websites rank higher. Morgan is fascinated by how search engines work and enjoys experimenting with new techniques to improve her clients' search engine visibility.

Morgan is active on Twitter (@morgansearches), where she shares real-time updates on her takes on all things SEO and Google.

Featured Podcast Guest on Digital Marketing Victories

About This Episode

I am absolutely delighted to be a featured guest on Digital Marketing Victories with Katherine Watier Ong. In this episode, I talk to Katherine about my SEO journey and how I managed to grow an SEO team from just myself (and being completely new to SEO) to a five-member team in under two years.

If you need to convince your agency or boss that you’re underwater and need a team, or you’re a young woman looking to advance your career in the SEO industry, this episode is for you.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How to advance from an SEO specialist to an SEO director in under two years.

  • How to persuade your company or management to invest in SEO resources and hires.

  • My strategy for growing and managing my team from one to five in less than two years.

  • If you’re new to SEO, how you can expand your network and understanding of SEO.

Featured Podcast Guest on#DreadingSundays

About This Episode

I had the absolute pleasure to chat with Daniel K Cheung on #DreadingSundays Podcast about kickstarting your SEO career.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

- Kickstarting your SEO career

- Landing the job you want

- Building professionally personal relationships with your manager

- Building your SEO team and finding the right fit for your team

- The importance of failing forward in the SEO industry

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